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Why Join Fleato? is a Web 3.0 marketplace for Art and Fashion. Our mission is to provide Artists and Designers around the world a platform that is equitable and capitalizes on Web 3.0 capabilities ( Tokens, NFTs, DAOs) to add true and unprecedented value to the Art ecosystem. Fleato strives to bring together Creators (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers) and Customers in a vibrant environment. . It differentiates from other marketplaces by using Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies to break boundaries and enable new innovative capabilities.

As a Creator, you can:

1. List your work with no listing fee

2. Offer Original as well as reprints for sale

3. Offer merchandise

4. Earn Fleato Reward Tokens

5. Offer NFTs

6. Create DAOs

7. Generate QR code for your paintings

8. Create your dedicated website