Molander Composure Series 3



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Medium And SupportAcrylic on Canvas

Rebekah Molander is a Houston-based contemporary artist whose love for creating began in her childhood. She has a passion for expressing herself through color, and her art usually features bright and vibrant hues. Rebekah's artwork reflects growth and connection, and her style is constantly evolving as she tries to capture her thoughts and emotions on canvas.
Together with her husband and son, Rebekah has displayed her art in various exhibitions, including Tent Shows, Studio Shows, and ...


About the Creator
Rebekah Molander is a Houston-based contemporary artist whose passion for art began in childhood. Her love for creating, playing with colors, and expressing herself through her artwork was an outlet that words couldn’t match. Rebekah’s art is typically vibrant and colorful, emphasizing growth and connection. Her style is constantly evolving, but it always centers around encapsulating her thoughts and emotions. Together with her husband Todd and son Spe...

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