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Reproduction Open Edition Print + NFT
AutographThe Original is autographed by Mickey Mantle


As a young kid I admired a baseball player by the name of Mickey Metal.

Every time the yankees would come out on the TV I was the first one there to watch him.

Then my dream came through. I saw him play baseball. We were on a trip to New York. We went to the yankees stadium. I was a freshman in high school and I sat in box seats and saw him play against the washington senators. Biggest one of the biggest thrills of my life.


About the Creator

After receiving an art scholarship, Manuel Hinojosa earned his degree in Fine Arts from Pan American University. Enrolling at the University of Southern Louisiana in Lafayette, he added a degree in Architecture. Now in his 40th year of practicing Architecture, he serves as the District Architect for the Brownsville Independent School District. For his contributions to the field of architecture and cultural preservation, he was named a distinguished “...

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