McWhorter Temperament Series: Red And Green



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Medium And SupportAcrylic and Resin on Wood Panel

Taft McWhorter has been a prominent contemporary artist for over 15 years, during which he has amassed a significant following of more than 700 international collectors. In 2014, he was recognized as one of the Top 10 Artists in Houston by the Houston Press, cementing his place in the art world. Moreover, his philanthropic efforts earned him a spot on the Houston Chronicle's list of Houston's 40 Most Fascinating People in 2015. Taft, along with his wife Dana, has raised over $700,000 for ch...


About the Creator
It is passion that drives me. I have had the desire to shape and expand myself and the world around me since I was a child; always searching; continuously creating. From building with legos, to forming bands in high school, to founding new businesses in my adult years, my path has always included the pursuit of passion and experiential growth. Along with art, my passions are family, friends, philanthropy and surfing. Arriving in the art business i...

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