Lucky Bunny of the Month Club!



Physical Delivery

Ships from USA

30 days return policy

RedemptionOnce winner of auction and artist are introduced, artist will need the mailing address of the recipient of the art experience. A brief survey will be offered to collect information about the recipient's preferences, like favorite colors, activities, pop culture interests, etc, so that these preferences can be taken into account in the creation of the bunnies. ***As cute and well-made as they are, the bunnies are NOT toys, and are not intended for small children. They are meant to be enjoyed as collectible decorative objects.
Do you like receiving cool stuff in the mail? Don't you feel LUCKY when it's something besides a bill or junk mail? As part of this art experience, you or a loved one will receive a LUCKY seven months (April - October) of absolutely adorable hand-crafted sock bunnies! Each one will be a one-of-a kind surprise packaged with fun extras and will arrive by the end of the month. What a cool way to start a collection of whimsical MoonYoonits Studios softies, and to have something cute and unique t...


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