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Meduium And SupportAcrylic on Canvas
Katharine is a visual artist. Her work is mostly contemporary abstract using acrylic paints and various mediums on canvas and wood panels. A fundamental principle in the practice of social work is to meet people where they are. In art, Katharine seeks to encourage each viewer to feel and respond to the work-based on their own experience and interpretation, meeting them where they are at for this moment in time.

About the Creator
Katharine is a native Houstonian and has lived there for the majority of her life. Beginning in high school, Katharine created doodle drawings for family and friends, which continued to her various workplaces where she would surprise coworkers with small doodles on notes on their desks. The doodling progressed to dabbling in painting as a way to relax while working in social services and even more so while working in the Texas Legislature. She creat...

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