Harvesting Spirits



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07/21/2023 02:59 AM

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Acrylic On CanvasMEDIUM
Size24x30 inches

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In "Harvesting Spirits," a captivating painting, the essence of tequila production is brought to life through a mesmerizing blend of vibrant greens. The focal point of the artwork is a bodiless jimador, suspended in an ethereal realm between reality and folklore. With skilled precision, the jimador's phantom hands extend gracefully, expertly maneuvering their implements to harvest the agave plants, an essential step in the creation of tequila.
The lush color pale...


About the Creator

Betirri is an international artist based in Houston recognized primarily by a series of paintings depicting bodiless sport figures in motion. His work ranges from figurative to conceptual expressing always the essence of an idea or subject. He is also the official artist of the Houston Lamborghini Festival since 2014.


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