Frank Robinson Painting By Manuel Hinojosa (Open Edition Print) + Free NFT




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Reproduction Open Edition Print + NFT
AutographThe Original is autographed by Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson won the triple crown but more importantly, when he won it he also won the MVP.

The following year he was traded to the Balch memorials and guess what he won the MVP in the American League. The only player to win the MVP in the National League and in the American League

He also is in the hall of fame because of all his accomplishments. One of the purest hitters players



About the Creator

After receiving an art scholarship, Manuel Hinojosa earned his degree in Fine Arts from Pan American University. Enrolling at the University of Southern Louisiana in Lafayette, he added a degree in Architecture. Now in his 40th year of practicing Architecture, he serves as the District Architect for the Brownsville Independent School District. For his contributions to the field of architecture and cultural preservation, he was named a distinguished “...

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