90 min L.U.N.A.R. Reading - Astrology Natal chart reading for your Business ($333) + Custom Elemental Portrait 9x12 ($555)



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RedemptionEmail me at rachelmayg@gmail.com with "L.U.N.A.R. reading & Portrait" in the subject line. I will then send you a Calendly link to book our 90 min reading via Zoom and will paint your portrait within 2 weeks after our session.
This is a comprehensive and deep exploration of all business, money, and wealth placements within your natal chart. We will explore all planetary and house placements related to your business (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, North Node/South Node) and integrate each superpower with the House that it thrives in pertaining to your career, your relationship with money, behind the scenes shadow work, and daily routine work to help you live into your fullest creative expression that is aligned with ...


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