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Rikki Mitman

Rikki Mitman channels her delight in mixed-media collage techniques to works in kiln-fired porcelain enamel. Each piece involves cutting and shaping the metal, multiple cleanings and applications of enamel, and several firings at 1400 degrees F. Mitman’s process is solitary and introspective. She uses color fields as well as glass and enameled copper inclusions to develop art that is very personal. “Most of my work reflects a search for peace,” she says. “There’s plenty of angst in the world; no need to add mine to the chorus. I’m always looking for the harmonious result.” She creates art using texture, color and movement of glass. She uses glass to depict nature in abstract and realistic ways for displaying both inside and outside. She has a varied range of art from wall art, sculpted display art, jewelry, yard art and more. She loves working with glass and making your ideas become a reality.

Artist Location

Houston, TX, USA