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Rebekah Molander

Rebekah Molander is a Houston-based contemporary artist whose passion for art began in childhood. Her love for creating, playing with colors, and expressing herself through her artwork was an outlet that words couldn’t match. Rebekah’s art is typically vibrant and colorful, emphasizing growth and connection. Her style is constantly evolving, but it always centers around encapsulating her thoughts and emotions. Together with her husband Todd and son Spencer, Rebekah has exhibited her work in numerous venues, from Tent Shows and Studio Shows to Galleries and other spaces. In 2021, she was invited to join “The Seekers,” a Houston Artist Collective founded by her friend and mentor Taft McWhorter. Rebekah also had the opportunity to work with the Paint the District Pink Charity Art Action Event for Susan G. Komen. Rebekah’s artwork has been featured in several publications, including “The Leader,” “VoyageHouston,” “The Houston Chronicle,” and “50 Artists Houston.” She continues to display her art in various studios and galleries around Houston, and she enjoys using her artistic talents to raise funds for charitable organizations. Rebekah’s artwork is created using glass as her primary medium, and she enjoys exploring texture, color, and movement in her work. She specializes in depicting nature abstractly and realistically, creating everything from wall art and sculptures to jewelry and yard art. She enjoys the challenge of bringing her clients’ ideas to life and working with glass.

Artist Location

Houston, TX, USA