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David Black

David was born and raised in Texas. Growing up in a small south Texas town, traveling to ranches on the weekends, created memories that have been engraved into David’s personal life and work. Hearing his grandfather tell him the history of the old west and watching old western movies influenced the creative side of his imagination deeply. These iconic images and stories are reflected in his paintings and style. David has a strong connection to horses, their rich history and their visual strength. He loves to not only ride them but also paint them. Moving out west to Los Angeles, California at 21 is where David acquired his first Japanese made Juki Sewing Machine and taught himself how to sew. He experimented with different fabrics but quickly learned that he was only interested in one of them, DENIM. He believes the beautiful washes of blue and the rugged durability of the fabric makes it a step above the others. Consequently, denim has become his canvas, washing it, painting it, cutting it and stitching it back together. David has made hundreds of different garment designs.Jackets, jeans, bags, and hats. He gathers inspiration from his travels, old music, old movies and the wild west. Having lived all over the Country, working on his craft; he has sold exhibited his work in premier locations. (SOHO) Manhattan, Malibu Country Mart( Canvas), Kauai, Aspen (Performance Ski), Miami (Art Basel), All over Texas & at Santa Fe Vintage Outpost. Every piece is unique and one of a kind; customized with vintage collectors patches and bandanas. David specializes in making a custom personal jackets, please fill out the custom form if you are interesting in acquiring one. Thank you.

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Texas, USA