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Demi Macrame & Designs

My textile art centers around macrame knotting, weaving, and other fiber related techniques that are used to create tapestries and sculptures of organic materials, dyes, and paints. The primary techniques I use are rooted extensively in history and provide a meditative outlet during the tactile process of knotting. I present color and color transitions into macrame in a new and dimensional way by incorporating meticulously hand-dyed materials and hand-painted accents from subtle to vibrant gradients inspired by life, the natural world, and nostalgia.

In the creation of my pieces, I have tackled many things consciously and subconsciously. The slow art of macrame and textile art provides an escape from the speediness of our click-bate driven lives and creates space for me to process life and its events. Amongst the hardships of the COVID-19 Pandemic, political unrest, and societal cries for change, the world has felt a collective expanse of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and helplessness. I have used my work to channel my desire for balance, serenity, growth, and confidence. Each knot, color, and shape acts as a vessel towards understanding myself and my surroundings more deeply, while sparking continued growth into a woman who is not afraid to take up space.

I find a sincere presence of calmness and serenity in color, specifically the blending ground between color transitions. Here, I am reminded of the beauty the world holds and the quiet voice it possesses that shapes our landscapes and our universe. I abstractly tie these colors into geologically and organically inspired shapes because I find few things more captivating and calming than the raw presence of nature’s pursuit for equilibrium.

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