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Catherine "Cat" Martinez

My works are inspired by life events which take the form of abstract representations I create. Social commentary is made in many of my artworks. My art communicates deep cultural insight and self reflection.  I delve into the subjects of race and ethnicity from the perspective of  a  modern African American female. I abhor the stifling nature of the present state of affairs in American society. In an effort to scoff at theoretic rhetoric, I use humor to debunk stereotypes and untruths.  From dark satirical glaces into alternate perspectives I lightheartedly poke fun at idiosyncrasies held in American culture. 


My artwork explores the strength in femininity as it's reflected in the many female forms I've created.  Femininity can be soft yet strong.  Women that have influenced me have been intelligent, kind, stern, gentle, firm, graceful, protective, strong, clever, caring and upbuilding. This influence is carried over in my artwork. The strength in femininity is also reflected in the materials I use. The artwork takes form through various materials and use of color and texture. The type of layering I create in my work is a woven reflection of the complexities I feel are elements of the ideal woman.


I enjoy creating mystery in art. I feel mystery gives birth to self-examination and wonder in the viewer. I feel as each layer is created in my work there is mystery compiled on mystery. 

When beginning a piece I start thinking about materials I love.  The materials generally are opposites like hard and soft , rigid and flexible. I find ways to assemble materials in layers. I let the work tell me what the scale should be of an object. I enjoy working with steel.  Plasma cut and welded armatures are the foundation to many of my works of art. Fibers are a fun and creative material I enjoy working with. I find that I can push the boundaries of scale in an inexpensive way with fibers. Storage is easier when using fibers.


I create art to delight the eye.  I create art to speak to the heart. I create art to speak to the soul. I make artwork to break the bonds of the status quo with an alternative perspective.  I make art to give voice to emotions that cannot be contained inside myself. I make art to connect with my community. I make art because I enjoy beauty and feel a need to share in some of the beauty in the world from my perspective. I share in the Human Experience when I create art.


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