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Caroline Truong

I use paintings and drawings to illustrate my journey to happiness. My artwork is a visual translation of the self talk I use to manage anxiety and navigate the changing seasons of life. I take a light approach to mental health and mindfulness with uplifting colors, whimsy compositions, inspirational hand lettering, and a character I created called Dream Bird. Dream Bird depicts the life I aspire to live. Its constant state of dreaming is symbolized with having closed eyes and being in grayscale amidst colorful backgrounds. Often, Dream Bird is paired with quotes called “Dream Bird Mantras”. I develop the Mantras and design ideas from revelations that spring from listening to someone else’s story, advice I’ve heard, personal experiences, and works of pop art graphic designers and illustrators. By sharing what has helped me get through challenging moments, my intent is to propel others forward in the same direction.  I want to spread the pure, utter joy painting gives me to everybody, hoping that it aids in their quest to conquer the pursuit of happiness, as it does mine.

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