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Bryan Cope


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I am a mixed media artist. Creative expression is a compulsion as much as a passion for me. It breathes. It's constant. I make art with digital tools that I adopted. I use laser cutters to turn my futuristic graffiti, drafting inspired paintings, and murals into laser cut, layer caked 3 dimensional versions of themselves.  My focus has been multilayer islamic geometry based, japanese inspired, wooden wall art.  Mix media is how I communicate with the world.  


My inspiration is heavily focused on the concepts of family especially since having 2 boys and finding out that I was donor conceived.  I went from being the youngest to having 8 other siblings in 3 months.  I went from being a father of 1 to a father of 2 and an uncle to 12 in very short order.  My “father” died when I was 19, so finding out that he wasn't my “biological father” at 32 was kind of strange. His passing forced me to ask questions about what a person should do with their life's work. Now I ask questions like “What does ‘father’ really mean if genes are not involved?” and  “Does it matter?”. This experience has made me feel a bit abstract and I have found that that feeling has seeped into my artwork.    


I fear that my work will be seen as lacking substance because it's abstract; but every movement of that brush, pen, or laser is an emotional expression of deeply felt contemplation.  Even though I do not have a degree my work speaks volumes for my family in every piece.  I am self taught and traditionally educated and since 2004 I’ve been on a journey through mixed media.  I don’t know if my father would be proud but, I know for sure that my family is.   



 In my first phase I focused on the disconnect I believed technology had created. This involved creating sculptures from old laptops that incorporated dead bushes and radio equipment, painting with and on found objects, and exploring geometric designs to create images. In my street art phase I focused on the oppression technology could create or destroy. This took me through various mental wormholes and process approaches. I learned to paint large murals, screen print, do lithography, Spray paint, create multilayer Stencils, I made stickers, and finally began to explore Digital art. As I progressed through the street art phase I developed severe carpal tunnel and my previous analog techniques and skills were no longer an option to express my compulsion. That's when I started using lasers. My work had always contained an element of geometric abstract, little elements here and there, but it started to take a hard shift toward completely non representational geometric abstract in 2012. By the time I found lasers my work had already made the switch to circles and strange trapezoids.


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2202, harwell dr 77023

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