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Self-expression is my motivation for creating art. as an introvert, I use art as my main medium of expression. In doing so, I learn more about myself and allow others a glimpse into my otherwise impervious nature. It's important for me to interact with new materials. Experimenting with different materials allows my art to be unique and innovative. I feel comfortable with any kind of media, and have recently been experimenting with painting and printmaking. I strive for clean detailed work with thin lines and defined shapes, creating a balance between shapes. Mostly my art reflects my thoughts and views of modern society, manmade and the natural world; I use organic imagery.

Imagery like eyes and elephants which overlap with the type of work I feel most comfortable creating at this moment in time. Eyes in my work represent consciousness and a sense of awareness of the world around me. Elephants are also present in my work, Elephants represent strength, patience, honor and stability amongst many other qualities symbolically speaking.

The process varies depending on the project, choosing my subjects comes very easily to me but planning ahead takes most of the time in my creative process; I find the process more rewarding than the actual end product. Feedback - positive or critical, has always been a reward. feels great to know that my work strikes a chord with an audience. I feel most successful when people ask about how my work was created or the meaning behind any of my pieces. The answer is always the same; I create art because it's easier for me than expressing myself verbally, and it isn't always about the end result but the process of creation.

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