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AVM Hawkins

 AVM Hawkins is an American artist of Creole descent, living + working in Houston, Texas. AVM Hawkins pursued the first half of her career as an attorney. During this time, AVM discovered how to create art by following her natural instincts, loving herself without conditions or judgment, and paint without an attachment to the final outcome.After 3 years of law school, and 6 years practicing law, AVM was admitted as a 2018 Fellow in the prestigious John Ross Palmer's Escapist Art Mentorship Program. Here, AVM created, showed, and sold her art full-time during the evenings and weekends, while practicing law. In July 2019, AVM transitioned her law practice into a creative one, by becoming a full-time artist. AVM's formal training as a lawyer, provides her a freedom and courage to push boundaries never seen in art. AVM creates without fear and with pure authentic expression, exposing the divinity and infinite possibility in us all. AVM's work is inspiring, intuitive, and captivating, with the intention of creating a new experience upon each glance.AVM's art can be viewed and purchased online at Phone: 713-487-9685Email: AVMHawkinsArt@gmail.comWebsite:

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4034 Woodcraft St. Suite A 77025

4034 Woodcraft St. 77025 United States US Texas TX Houston