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Artists in Arms

Artists in Arms is a non-profit company dedicated to the encouragement, growth, and promotion of Veteran artists and artisans. It was founded by Amelia Templeton, a multidisciplinary artist and Marine Corps veteran living in the greater Houston, TX area. Artists in Arms is committed to building a lasting community where Veteran artists and artisans can explore, hone, and promote their skills and goods. We are dedicated to encouraging and arranging community outreach and service by and for Veteran artists and artisans. Finally we strive to foster wellness of body and mind by encouraging exploration of the arts and artisan skills among our Veteran community. We are a multi-faceted non-profit company and all branches work together to achieve these goals. We believe in the value of art and artisan trades and know that our Veteran community is filled with creators that merit a chance to succeed in these careers, but may not have the training, connections, or visibility of mainstream or more traditional artists.

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77377 United States US Texas TX Tomball