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As artists, I realize we have the opportunity to inspire reality not only by the way we see it, but also by the way we help others see it.

My work with concentric circles is a break from tradition.
I'm inspired by the cyclical nature of life and the Universe; and the balance,  symmetry and the energy of which circles represents.
I use circles as both a method and as tools to express the way I perceive the Universe and World around me. In painting in concentric circles I hope to reveal a brand new way to relate to subject matter and narrate unique visual stories.

I use the highest quality materials including pure oil pigment paste and knife tools to create the bold multiple layers of colors leading to the rich textural outcome. 

I create these circles all by free-hand, in pursuit of precision and fluidity. 

There are no tools or mechanical devices involved in creating my reality.


-Winner of Adolph and Esther Gotlieb Foundation NY Grant for Painters 2018.

-Winner of a Medici Medal Award in Painting at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence Italy. 2015


Chu Okoli


Ph/txt: 713 291 9456

Artist Location

2000 Edwards Street, #319 77407

2000 Edwards Street, 77407 United States US Texas TX Houston