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Art Uniti (Tami Moschioni and Nicola Parente)

Art Uniti’s Texas based practice uses color as a universal language to create site-specific, interactive, sustainable, public art, embracing socio-economic issues often community driven. Art Uniti collaborates with other multidisciplinary artists creating public art project concepts which are innovative engaging the public. Tami Moschioni, an architect and visual artist, and Nicola Parente an interdisciplinary artist founded Art Uniti. Their temporary installations consider recycled materials for sustainability. Their permanent artwork mediums are based upon specific project requirements with consideration for maintenance and durability. Their multi-disciplinary installations often include public workshops and presentations. Their public art and social engagement activities seamlessly collaborate with partnering clients and agencies to envision superb concepts to engage a broad public audience.

Artist Location

1515 HOUSTON AVE 77007

1515 HOUSTON AVE 77007 United States US Texas TX Houston