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Art engineering by Apolinario

Figurative expressionism artist. An engineer and a college professor mentored by two artists in his local town in the Philippines. Migrated to US and continue doing his art in Texas  as part time artist. Took online Art certification in Stratford institute of technology to gain more knowledge and develop his own techniques . His art is a process of expression or feeling base on shape, color and texture of an objects plus the realistic representation to create the effects of the images. An expression of social reality of figuration. His art is more of content than a form to communicate with other mind in most immediate way. It is a language and work   representation of his expression and abstract of his emotion and therapy that heals thru individual eyes and mind. He is in assemblage art/ mixed media using mediums like oil paint and acrylic. 


Artist Location

803 Dove Landing Avenue 77845

803 Dove Landing Avenue 77845 United States US Texas TX College Station 803 Dove Landing Avenue 77845