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Art by Thomas

<meta charset="utf-8" />Through storytelling I create imaginary worlds and characters that whimsically visualize the exploration of my everyday thoughts and emotions. Through surrealism and subconscious-inducing processes I practice how to play. It isn’t easy peasy though. In a world full of insecurity and judgement it is difficult not to have unrealistic expectations of oneself. My pieces are artifacts of my battle against the ‘real’ world, a, sometimes desperate, fight for play and creativity versus the beast/survivor/parent in us. In tandem, my artistic processes emphasizes radical acceptance and self-care practices such as breathing and being in the moment. Only through nurturing my inner child do I have the opportunity to explore out into the creative world that I’ve only ever dreamed of.

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12220 S Shadow Cove Dr 77082

12220 S Shadow Cove Dr 77082 United States US Texas TX Houston