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BIOGRAPHY - the real nuts and bolts:

If I had my druthers and everything blew up - I’d sell everything off and pack a sack - head to New Zealand, Iceland, Italy or India on an unplanned time frame for a long overdue extended adventure.

I have visited both Italy and India with my current partner. By far I have traveled abroad more with her than any other time in my life. I did motorcycle with a cousin and his wife in Vietnam for a month - loving culture no matter where I go....I embrace “different”. 

Events in recent years:

I moved my shop 5 times as I grew from starting my business at the tail end of 2014. The last was due to my shop fooding, causing significant damage - Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and now facing the pivot of COVID-19.

I started working out of a storage unit (under the radar) for 6 month’s, moved to a collaborative endeavor Houston Maker’s Space, where I was only 1 of 3 that rented space. *They went out of business due to patrons not paying their way, moved into another storage unit after their abrupt closing, then moved to a proper industrial shop where I set up renting space with two other people at an industrial space, we grew to a party of 4 diff. entities, moving into a larger unit (same property), this flooded, we dispersed and went our own ways. I moved into a solo shop due to my “pushing water up a hill” scenario when hitched to others. 

Filed for personal bankruptcy in Dec. 2019. Maintaining my current shop thru October and we’ll see where this venture takes me from there. 


My current path’s reflection:


Making a mends with finances & necessity for money, the power that comes from it: weighing out the pro’s and con’s like that of Venus with her weights and measures in Libra, revising my “career path” in tandem to my recent recognition - of a personal pursuit for inner growth, breaking away, resolving old patterns of self sabotage & lack of self-regard.  I am eager to spend my energies cultivating an intention that is more readily available for accessing, channeling and tapping into my artistic expression, in conjunction to my perception of connecting to that which I wish to influence and reach: the rigid, narrow minded and linear thinking society that seems “asleep @ the wheel”. 

In my artist’s expression I am aiming to approach all facets of our being, biased on love, healing and expansive in nature. I come by understanding the world of Physics, Mathematics quite easily. I can“see”what is not “common”. I “feel” the hidden potential in all things and battle excessive inclinations for exuding my energies and skillsets to accommodate others, striving to remove obstacles, ignorance and stress for the pursuit of my own happiness. Being empathetic...I “feel” the world, like I “feel” my partner and my work/artistic creations. 

I am a man of detail, keen observation of patterns, I recognize humanity and our history through math and science. This revelation is new to me (9 months and counting) working through that paradigm shift of consciousness and focus. I am a hopeful romantic at heart, compassionate and patient.

I want to help enlighten individuals from their discontentment, frustrations and narrow-minded indoctrinated egos. I want to bridge gaps, make connections, be in nature (as I derive a great deal of my inspiration in nature, but I also pull a huge amount from people) we are all connected. Me, you and the Etheric realms. I look forward to learning if there might be an opportunity. I like to philosophize, study: history, cultures, quantum physics, observe the random, learn what makes people smile and support that.


I was born premature, very ill *My mother’s placenta was loaded with Strep and her chord was wrapped around my neck.  It took me a hot minute to develop and I am grateful/proud to be able to access my skills in the manner that you will see, should you seek to know more of who I am and what I offer the world around me in the form of….Pictures via Instagram, my presence on WESCOVER, or Facebook. 

Thank you for your time.

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6635 Rupley Cir. 77087

6635 Rupley Cir. 77087 United States US 1001 Bomar St. 77006 United States US