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Angela Rose Walling

I was born and raised in the Spring Branch area of Houston, TX. Being artistic and creative is part of my genetics. My mother and sister are both very talented artist and have art degrees. As a child I was fortunate and grateful to have a mother who exposed us to museums, galleries and the theatre. I married my best friend and enthusiastic supporter, Dan Walling in September 1997. Aside from art, I enjoy making culinary creations and involved in a variety of crafts. Spending time with my good friends and family brings joy to my life. In March of 2015 my good friend Holli and I started a ladies art group called the Art Bitches. This group has help me expand my artist abilities. I find inspiration in the world around me. I have always been a lover of the visual arts. My dream came true in November of 2015 when I had my first art show at the grand opening of JoMar Visions Studio. Enjoy my visual heart and soul.

Artist Location

Houston, TX, USA