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Angel Quesada

For the past 25 + years, Angel Quesada has worked to blend his intimate connection to music, visual arts, and martial arts into one cohesive motion. He connects energy, rhythm, color, and line into paintings that explore geometry, spirituality, social commentary, and sense of place.  Important to Quesada is the transparency of the human hand and mind generating his works, so his brushstrokes remain holistically visible.  
     Since his return to his home state of Texas in 2005, he has worked as a visual artist, producer, curator, exhibition designer, musician, arts administrator, digital editor, and ethnographer. For several years now, he has concentrated on large scale murals, creating dozens of commissioned pieces across the city.  These murals rely heavily on their geographic and physical placement, utilizing the positioning of the sun throughout the day, the movement of shadows, and the societal context to create figurative as well as literal monuments to those places. 

     Quesada feels strongly that art is an immediate and powerful way to enhance living conditions for all people. It beautifies a community and in so doing, elicits pride and self-identification in that community, celebrating its unique landscape and residents

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PO Box 66003 77266

PO Box 66003 77266 United States US Texas TX Houston