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America's Changing Face


AMERICA'S CHANGING FACE (ACF) a TV pilot documentary targeted for PBS looks into our nation’s growing mixed race population by focusing on Houston’s pronounced cultural diversity; 30 years ahead of the nation’s ethnic mixing. We will explore the impact and outcome on America.

Demographers project that one in five Americans will be of mixed racial heritage by 2050. In fact, multi-racial people, through their blend of language, culture, religion, language and genetics, are already redefining what it is to be American. AMERICA’S CHANGING FACE (ACF) is a four-part (30:00 min.) television series targeted to air on PBS. Each episode takes a unique look into our nation’s growing mixed-race population by focusing on key regions with pronounced cultural diversity and population. In-depth stories of mixed race couples and families will reveal what this diversity means to the future of our nation.

Houston is now the most racially, and ethnically diverse American city according to a Rice University study, Demographers project that 1 in 5 Americans will be of mixed “racial” heritage by 2050. “Houston runs about 10, 15 years ahead of Texas, 30 years ahead of the U.S. in terms of ethnic diversity.

Funding is for the pilot program and will to be viewed either as a stand alone on-air program or as part of the ACF series. Houston has transformed in a way that all America shall transform. And from those findings and observations, ACF willl be better able to investigate and summarize the impact it may have on multiracial American's and our future nationwide.

Executive Producer/Writer Mark J. Carreno and Ray Telles Producer/Director join together once again to tackle poignant issues such as prevailing social attitudes toward mixed race and the challenges ahead for this evolving group in the coming decades. ACF will incorporate a sensitive historical analysis of attitudes towards interracial families throughout the history of our nation, In this timely series we will get to know the featured subjects up close and learn how they continue to adapt to the social, educational and professional situations of their daily lives.

Supporting these personal narratives will be interviews with experts in the fields of history, sociology, jurisprudence, philosophy, social justice and religion. Their analysis will provide context and insight into the culturally rich family relationships, often complex lives of these mixed-race families.


Carreño served as Executive Producer for The Latino Consortium/KCET’s production of SANTEROS, directed by Raymond Telles. Our award winning Director, Telles is now our Producer & Director for AMERICA'S CHANGING FACE. 

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4327 Clarissa Avenue Los Angeles 90027

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