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Amanda Pascali

Internationally acclaimed, bilingual singer/songwriter and 2021 Houston Chronicle "Musician of the Year," Amanda Pascali was born in Queens, New York, and is based in Houston, Texas. Often referred to as a "young, female, and Italian Bob Dylan," Amanda has released music and performed internationally, from the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. to packed houses in Italy, Romania, and across the Eastern hemisphere.

She performs solo as well as in a duo (shown above), trio, or quartet. With a father who was thrown out of his home country for rebelling against the government, Amanda was driven from a young age to be a messenger of her family’s stories and diaspora. As the rising voice of America's most ethnically diverse generation of young people, 23-year-old Pascali writes songs that speak to the experience of growing up as a first-generation American. Amanda’s music, now coined, Immigrant American Folk delivers a powerful narrative on being- “too foreign for here, too foreign for home, and never enough for both”.

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5340 Weslayan #271373 77277

5340 Weslayan #271373 77277 United States US Texas TX Houston