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Aliza J. Bejarano

I am graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, but I have been making art my whole life.
    There has always been a want in me to Make. It came with a strong imagination muscle and a want to escape. I trained myself from childhood in a certain kind of focus that takes you to places you only see when your eyes are closed. I drew, wrote, and built worlds for myself every day, all day long. It wasn’t a hobby, a job, or an assignment. It was my way of surviving a world that never made sense and never kept its promises.
    My work is experiential; it describes the event of an emotion or abstract idea in an immersive way. You have to walk into it to feel it. They are made with a substance that requires my whole presence and field of motion. To paint I have to dance. I may influence the work, but the result of my Mock Resin™ method is sometimes unpredictable and out of my hands. I build and improvise until the piece seems to make evident that there could be another world away from this one. One in which the Inner Child knows well but the Adult can only see.

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