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Alexander Squier

I am interested in cycles of construction and destruction -  I think critically about my natural and built surroundings and I question human legacy. Through drawing, photography, installations, and prints, I aim to blur time and create new contexts for considering our landscape. My projects are informed through photographic studies of the Houston landscape, the collecting of artifacts and responding to material spaces, and through observation / study of  design tendencies, specifically reductive form and repetition.

This is in direct dialogue with an ongoing study of architecture and urban planning, infrastructure and buildings, and of our impact on the natural landscape. How do the patterns and trends in urban development, design and construction, and economics, reflect culture or philosophy? My aim is to develop a better understanding of what forces are behind this machine, and to incite thoughtfulness regarding the decisions involved. 

Artist Location

2205 McKinney Street APT 301 77003

2205 McKinney Street 77003 United States US Texas TX Houston