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Agony and Nightmares

I went to catholic school and the nuns at the school told my mother I needed to read the bible more because of my drawings. That's how I started my journey as a Macabre artist, and my path to draw the nightmarish things I present. I've always had fun creating horrying sceneries that are inspired by daily life. What do I mean with this? My mother was making a smoothie once, and the noice of the blender inspired me to start my torture collection.

Macabre art is such an amazing wat to express and to open the mind of people. When you look into a Macabre piece, you look beyond the gore, the horror, as you look into a story happening within the piece itself. That is always important for me, which is why I try to present pieces that can tell a story to the viewer. Art is not how good your style is, but what it tells to the viewer, and what makes them feel.

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6535 Haskell Ave Apt: 217 91406

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