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Chloë Helen Calthorpe Dillion Stewart

Dedicating my time to being a full-time artist, and Professor of the Visual Arts & Art History has been my dream for multiple decades. My work is exhibited worldwide, for instance, in Germany and the United Kingdom, and I'm represented by Context Gallery in Venice, Italy. I'm a British and (now) American artist from London, United Kingdom. I studied at Houston Baptist University and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts in 2021. Artistic Defenition of my art: My art collides with the spiritual glitch in the matrix of the mind. This is where I am working and what I am influenced by. As an artist, I enjoy the mystery of the unveiled, to take the viewer on an unknown journey to expose a truth that is hard to swallow. Mental health and addiction is a place where compassion should breed and I intend to help birth it through my art.

Artist Location

616 Brooks Street, Houston, TX, USA