My signature body of work represents the crossover between art and sports with a distinctive surrealistic style that allows to explore the identity of many.


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        Kamalpreet Kaur

        Kamalpreet is a freelance professional artist, an art educator & creative trainer. Kamal has been teaching art in international schools such as Pathways Noida, Valley School, Bengaluru to name a few. Over the years she has created over hundreds of art works that have been exhibited in Delhi, Gurugram & Bengaluru and have been featured in many newspapers. She currently conducts professional art classes from beginner to advance levels for all age groups, they are based on helping learners get expertise in various techniques, mediums and art styles from around the world. She is proficient in various mediums like acrylics, water colours, charcoal, oils, etc. She derives inspiration from Life and Nature to do her artworks.

        Artist Location

        Bangalore, Karnataka, India